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3 Steps to Better Online Lead Conversion

Mike Ramos Partner

Momentum Realty

Mike Ramos explains how he uses three simple steps to convert online leads. Watch, learn, and cut your client acquisition costs.

Means a Lot to a Lot of Women

Samantha Tov and Judy Cuong Partner

Portfolio Real Estate

Together with Side, Samantha Tov and Judy Cuong co-founded Portfolio Real Estate which supports and empowers dynamic women looking to become successful entrepreneurs.

On My Card It Says Founder

Alan Canas Partner

InSync Real Estate

See how Alan Canas dominates his market with his own company and his own brand, empowered by a revolutionary brokerage model that does all the heavy lifting for him.

Your Tech Should Work For You

Gary Saydah Associate

HELM Real Estate

Gary Saydah used to spend hours dealing with technology until he left his prior brokerage to partner with Side. Now Side does all the heavy lifting and Gary focuses on being the best agent.

Best of the Best

Nicole Solari Partner

Level Up Realty

See how Nicole Solari, one of the best agents in real estate, found her home with a community of top producing agents that help her elevate her business.

Thrive Through the Shift

Brett Jennings Partner

Real Estate Experts

Brett Jennings shares how he gained market share in the last downturn. See what 5 clear steps you need to take now to dominate your market.

We’re Thriving

Taylor Hirst Associate

Navigate Realty

See how Taylor Hirst teamed up with Side and Navigate Realty to build a thriving business that supports her family.

You Make The Decisions

John Woodruff Partner

Aethos Real Estate

See how John Woodruff, a third generation real estate agent, left the traditional brokerage behind and took ownership of his business, Aethos Real Estate.

2019 AREAA Global & Luxury Summit

Highlights from the AREAA Global & Luxury Summit in Beverly Hills with remarks from our CEO, Guy Gal, and Director of Partnerships, Alice Pak.

A Life-Changing Partnership

Hayley Kerstein Associate

Elevation Real Estate

Hayley Kerstein took the opportunity to work with an amazing mentor and grow faster than she could have by figuring things out on her own.

A Whole New Experience

Vic Tran Associate

Ascend Real Estate

Vic Tran partnered with Ascend Real Estate, a Side partner team, and doubled his transaction volume in under a year. See why Vic calls this “a whole new experience of real estate”.

A New Side To Real Estate



Our name is our mission. Side is an exclusive real estate brokerage that empowers top agents with the premium support, service, and system they need to create their own brand and grow their own business.

Grow your business and make millions more

Brett Jennings Partner

Real Estate Experts

Brett Jennings talks about how he conquered “Entrepreneurial Idiot Disease” to increase his production numbers. See what 3 things you need to finally become CEO of your own business.

Scream it From the Mountaintops

Stephanie Noble Partner

Thrive Real Estate

See how Stephanie Noble partners with Side to improve the efficiency of her business, recruit the best agents, and increase her income.

Far From Being Alone

Anna Bellomo Partner

District Homes

Even experienced agents need a network of trusted colleagues they can lean on for support. By partnering with Side, Anna Bellomo is able to leverage the resources and guidance she needs to help her business thrive and succeed while still being part of an exclusive community of top producing agents.

The Human Side

Ryan Bakalarski Associate

HELM Real Estate

Your brokerage makes you do the heavy lifting, leaving you with little time for anything else. For agents like Ryan Bakalarski, who constantly juggle the demands of work and personal life, finding a balance between the two can seem impossible.


Eddie O'Sullivan Partner

Elevation Real Estate

Side provides agent partners like Eddie O’Sullivan with the leverage of a best-in-class platform and a team of industry experts.

Crossing $100 Million

Kevin Gueco Partner

Gueco Real Estate Group

With Side working behind the scenes to help grow and manage his business, Kevin Gueco has been able to focus on what’s most important: servicing clients and building his bottom line. The results have been astonishing.

Lived Up to Their Promises

Steven Huang and Dan Risman Jones Partners


As a top-producing agent, you deserve a brokerage that delivers on its promises. Side delivers the full-service support top producing agents like Steven Huang and Dan Risman Jones need to grow their business and best serve their clients.

Given Us Our Life Back

Kelli Griggs Partner

Navigate Realty

For busy top producing real estate agents, striking a balance between work and personal life can be a serious challenge. By trusting Side to help manage her business, Kelli Griggs achieves the best of both worlds.

What We Wanted All Along

Stephanie Noble and Robert Yost Partners

Thrive Real Estate

By relying on Side to manage and integrate their systems, Robert Yost and Stephanie Noble can enjoy all the upside of running their own business without the downside of operating their own brokerage.

Side is the Engine

Eddie O'Sullivan Partner

Elevation Real Estate

Side works behind the scenes to fully implement your business plan so that you can focus on what you do best: serving your clients and winning more business. See how top producers like Eddie O’Sullivan work with Side to get things done!

My Own Company

You’re not just a top-producing agent, you’re also an entrepreneur. So why does your brokerage treat you like you’re an employee?

Agents Want to Stand Out

Marcus and Marlena Miller Partners

HELM Real Estate

Side provides agents like Marcus and Marlena Miller with the world-class branding they need to establish their own market-leading brand, enabling them to stand out and win more business.

Faster, Better, Smarter

Kelli Griggs Partner

Navigate Realty

Kelli Griggs planned to operate her own brokerage, but realized that Side could help her build her own business without having to operate a brokerage.


Kevin Gueco Partner

Gueco Real Estate Group

Since partnering with Side, Kevin Gueco has built something bigger than himself: a better, smarter business that empowers him to deliver best-in-class service.

The Crew

Marcus Miller Partner

HELM Real Estate

See how Marcus Miller built a world-class business at HELM Real Estate with the help of Side’s dependable crew.

They Work For Me

Kelli Griggs Partner

Navigate Realty

You matter more than your brokerage, so your brokerage should work for you. That’s what Side does for Kelli Griggs.

Invested in Your Success

Marcell Neri Associate

Gueco Real Estate Group

Side gave Marcell Neri the technology and support he needed to double his year-over-year income.

Surpassed Our Expectations

Jeremy Villacarlos Associate

Gueco Real Estate Group

Jeremy Villacarlos talks in detail about how Side has surpassed the team’s expectations by a factor of 10.

The People Are Cool

Cori Tahara Director of Operations

Gueco Real Estate Group

Side exclusively works with high performing individuals who are serious about fulfilling their potential with a top producing agent team.

Own the Neighborhood

Val Vandervort grew her real estate business to $97M since partnering with Side to help make her an unignorable presence in the market.

Develop Your Own Team

Kevin Gueco Partner

Gueco Real Estate Group

Kevin Gueco grew his business to over $130M in sales since partnering with Side. See how Side helped him grow his own team.

Daughter’s Legacy

Michelle Kim grew her real estate business from $20M to $45M in less than a year. See how she built her own legacy.

Month-Long Vacation

Making money while you’re on vacation might sound like a fantasy, but with Side’s help, that’s exactly what Michelle Kim was able to do.

The Side App

Kevin Gueco Partner

Gueco Real Estate Group

A top agent’s time is way too valuable to spend on anything other than their highest priority – clients. Everything else should be streamlined.

How it Should Be Done

Side listens to top producing agents like Val Vandervort and translates that into a platform that addresses her most important needs.

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